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I wanted to share a Lingq testimony with you. Yesterday I was in Barnes and Noble and this poor girl almost needed a dolly to carry all of the spanish verb and vocabulary books she was about ready to buy. I asked her if she was just beginning to learn Spanish. I thought maybe she was a teacher and was buying all of these books for her students. She said that she was a first time learner, so I interceded. I told her to put all of the books back get out a piece of paper and write down www.lingq.com, I told her that I was fluent in Spanish but unfortunately learned it the way she was about to. I also shared that I have used you system to learn Frech and Chinese and have made more progress than 10 years of formal Spanish classes. She put all of the books back and walked out excited to use your system. It made me chuckle because she went from anxiety with an armful of books to empowered as I shared with her the natural way to learn a language. I certaintly don’t want to put Barnes and Noble out of business but even more I don’t want her to be frustrated with the way that language has been taught. Thought you would enjoy!

 - Drake Smith, Minneapolis, USA

First of all, I want to thank the people who created the LINGQ system.
Many times I tried to resume studying English, but the only way I knew was studying grammar and vocabulary, and it always ended in failure.Because it was boring and also I didn’t find it reinforcing and I didn’t see any positive effects on my overall English competence.
I also tried listening to English movies or news on TV, but that was not very helpful either. Because I couldn’t understand the whole context and the things that I couldn’t understand remained the same.
When I met LingQ studying English became a fascination to me. I enjoy studying English now,and I don’t want to keep it to myself, it works great, and I want to share it with my friends.

 - Levent Ozder MD, Istanbul, Turkey

Actually, I am a junior in high school here in America (in my third year of Spanish) and had not been able to speak Spanish what-so-ever. I began to start seriously using LingQ about 4 months ago. Now I am able to converse (not entirely fluent, but very proficiently) with my friends (I live in south texas so there are many spanish speakers to talk and listen to).

I find it amusing how I have been in Spanish at school for two and a half years and never progressed (i have a 97 semester average in it) and yet from just 4 months of lingq i have progressed enormously!!!

Therefore, I do believe that the homeschooling method does work MUCH better, for me at least. (Too bad they don’t have a lingq class at school). LingQ has made me enjoy language learning, as opposed to at school where I couldn’t stand it. I plan on learning more languages with lingq in the future. I can’t praise your system enough!!!!

P.S.Thank you for making LingQ!

  - Daniel Reiter, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Thank you so much for the wonderful website.I really enjoy each lesson. I can improve my speaking skill so fast. Everybody should know about you guys. I sent the link to my brother and encourage him to join in. He’s a beginner. But I believe his English will be better soon.

  - Linh Le, Vietnam

I spend about 80% of my study time just listening to content from the LingQ library, while cooking. The rest of the time I spend at the site, reading and reviewing words. In one year my TEOIC score improved from 500 to 800 points

Seven years ago, I took Toeic for the first time.  Because my husband's company encourages all the employees to learn something that interests them, he chose to study English.  After finished his course, he took Toeic to make sure how much his English improved.  I don't remember his result, but my score was somewhere around 550.  ( My major was English in college.)
Two years ago, after giving birth to my second baby, I felt like studying English again.  I started to buy magazines for English learners.  It was helpful to increase vocabulary but I forgot most of them before long.  Then I searched on the Internet better ways to learn English.  I wanted to listen to real conversations between native speakers, not news.  Then I came across the Linguist (now LingQ) and decided to join.  Since then, I enjoy English every day.  There are various kinds of contents in the Library section.  I just pick up a content which interests me.  It is fun to look up new words in the dictionary because I choose it and want to understand what the speakers are talking about. It really makes me feel satisfied when I have gotten all the meaning of new words.  After that, I listen to the same content many times while cooking and doing household chores.  Sometimes I am mumbling some phrases in the kitchen, so it looks weird.  
This year, I took Toeic for the first time in seven years.  My score was 800.  It was amazing.  I didn't expect that much.  I like English but I don't want to study English for exams.  I didn't do anything for Toeic this time.  I believe the LingQ will lead me to 900 points of Toeic. 

  - Akiko, Fukui Pref., Japan

In Brazil we have 7 years of English, twice a week in schools (from 11 to 17 years old). From 13 to 17 I had another English course in parallel to the school one, with 3 more hours a week. I’ve been always considered an excelent student, and my grades were around 90-100%. I liked English, and I’ve been always fascinated by the idea that some day I would be able to understand a movie, read a book or speak fluently. But it never happened… my English was barely enough to read technical papers that I needed for my professional developement. And even though, the first time my undergraduate advisor asked me to read a 5 page technical paper, I spent almost one month to be able to give him an answer about it. The worst thing is not spending 6 to 10 years studying. The most terrifying fact is that in the end of all this, you can’t do almost anything real with the language. Last year, I angrily decided I would study English alone every single day until I became fluent. I was always searching for material in the Internet, but I didn’t know exactly how to use them. Then, two months after I made my decision I found the LingQ site, started to use it and learned more in 10 months then in the 25 years before that. Now I write tech papers, and not only have them accepted for publishing, but praised because they are well-written. So, I have no doubt that Steve has found the right method for language learning and that the most majority of language teachers simply don’t know what they are doing. Although I feel I’m not done with English yet, I’m very happy with my development, but very outraged too, when I think people are still being submitted to such useless old methods, when there are so many evidences that they simply don’t work at all.


Yesterday I had my interview. Despite of my flu and the terrible sound quality on the phone, I did it. I talked a lot (40 minutes!), about my work, my personal life, my plans for the future, my professional goals (thanks, Helen!!), leadership and role models.
What an experience! Although I don't know if the interviewer liked my answers, I'm sure she could understand them, despite of the minor mistakes I'm sure I made. I ended the interview very happy and proud of myself.
So, I would like to thank you all for your conversations and encouragement last week. A special "thank you" for you, Steve, who is the responsible for bringing this wonderful learning tool called LingQ into reality!

  - Ana Lopes, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

I have been enrolled at the site since the end of July in order to master English, my first priority. This is very easy because of the almost unlimited content we find at LingQ. In short, the site is fantastic. I have gained confidence in myself and I improve every day. Whereas I used to think that "me and English" was a lost cause. Well, I'd better get back at it!

   - Cecile, Paris, France

 As a language freak I have invested a lot of time and money in language
learning materials during the last ten years and, for me, NO system is as
complete as LingQ. A full Pimsleur course can cost up to US$900 (per
language) and leaves the learner with a limited vocabulary. LingQ,
however, genuinely offers the opportunity for the user to MASTER as many
as 10 languages. The site offers a range of content, direct translation of
new words, access to tutors, help with writing and speaking and a network
of supportive fellow language learners. The best thing about the LingQ
system is that there is a range of content, so you can always work with
content that interests and motivates you.

   - Adrian Rodriguez, Sweden

From the standpoint of someone “in the business” (I’ve been a college professor of German for 20 years), I’m afraid that Steven Krashen’s ideas, while being received initially with some enthusiasm, have been largely ignored (or at best given lip service) both by textbook publishers and writers and by those of us engaged in the classroom. As a foreign language teacher who appreciates these ideas (and uses them – I’m learning Russian with LinqQ and have taught myself other languages, pre-LingQ, following a similar learning philosophy and method – I’ve been deeply impressed at how Steve (Kaufmann) has appropriated these somewhat theoretical ideas into this website to a far greater extent than it has been done in the profession. As a teacher, I am now constantly challenged to remake my classroom in order to do the same. About 7 years ago, I realized that if I were someone wanting to learn German, I’d never take my own class, and since then I’ve been experimenting.

  - Jim, USA

By the way, I thought you might like to hear that I have recently started doing pretty much all of my Spanish studies through LingQ simply because it works so well for me. It completely minimises the faffing about of writing stuff on cards or in vocabulary books and makes it easy for me to learn and remember words, without any pretence of special gimics or memory aids that don't work in the long term.

It was interesting for me to realise that it is an extremely valuable thing to have a system that completely saves me organising my studies (apart from uploading my own content which I can do with minimal effort) thus giving me maximum contact with the language when I study without distractions and without having to think where I should put what flashcard where, which book, CD or MP3 I should listen to and where I put it. It is simple, but for the studies I want to do, I don't need anything else. Well done.

   - Roni Glaser, currently in Sevilla, Spain (originally Southampton, England)

For some years now I’ve been looking for and experimenting with different methods with high school students (ages 14-19), probably for much the same reasons. Being dissatisfied with predominant so-called communicative methods that actually weren’t anything else but old grammar and translation based drills combined with ineffective dialogues on CDs and not really interesting textbook content, I searched the internet and came up with numerous articles by Greg Thomson on the www.sil.org website, in which I was introduced to Stephen Krashen’s ideas.

Providing students with a lot of comprehensible input was a big challenge, especially for French. The main problem proved to be the “remaking” of the classroom and motivating the students, who actually didn’t expect anything better than what they had been getting so far, to take more responsibility for their learning. Thanks to Steve Kaufmann’s blogposts and my own working with LingQ I’ve become much more efficient in convincing at least part of my students of how effective listening and reading can be at any stage in the learning process.

Previously I had come across “passive learning” in Vera Birkenbihl’s books. She worked out her own methodology of language learning (among other learning fields) in the late 1980s. She actuallY advocates word-for-word translation with active listening (very similar to the LingQ method) as a first step. She calls this “decoding”. She is against formal vocabulary and grammar learning. The next step is “passive listening”(without reading along) and only after full comprehension/acquisition of the material does she suggest production (speaking or writing) according to the learner’s requirements.

Ms Birkenbihl’s method is great as soon as you have the “decoded” texts and recordings. I experimented with this method for some time, but then came across Assimil courses, which were easier to use, because there was no need to do the word-for-word translation myself. On the other hand, I didn’t find the content of Assimil courses so interesting. Stll, I have benefited a lot from both approaches. However, all of this proved to be difficult to use in the classroom.

With the LingQ methodology I have found something like a “missing link”. Interesting content and mp3 files, flashcards (which I had been using on and off in paper form) together with the possibility of communicating with other learners and a tutor.

My latest experiment of learning some Swedish with “the power of the linguist” has been a very rewarding experience. I’m using LingQ mainly for Russian and French, but I’m trying to continue Swedish as well.

  - Reinhard, Hausleiten, Austria

I took the TOEIC at the end of last month after a few month intensive reading and listening on LingQ system.  It was my seventh TOEIC in the past 16 years. I usually ran out of time at the reading and grammer section, but this time I felt it was much easier than ever and had more than 10 minutes left when I finished my answer sheet.  There were a few questions that I needed time to think over, but for the rest of them I just felt the right answers like my intuition told me.      I think it is because I have been intensively exposing myself to natural English that is not arranged for exam preparation. Of course I needed to check some points in grammar before the exam, but most of the time I just enjoyed my reading. This experience really helps me to keep my motivation.  I look forward to see my TOEIC score that will be sent at the end of this month.    Thanks.

  - NaokoS, Japan

In using the LingQ system over the past several months, I have found the whole system to be an incredibly simple, user-friendly and pleasant means of studying and acquiring a language. Not only this, it also allows you to immerse yourself in the language from day one and become quickly acquainted with it; something traditional language education by and large tends not to provide anywhere near as effectively, or cost-efficiently. And fortunately this whole process actually requires very little effort.

Because of this natural, essentially effortless approach to language-learning, as well as its world-wide accessibility through the virtual world of the Internet, LingQ offers an attractive, appealing product with the potential to do well in countries such as New Zealand, where knowledge of a foreign language is not the norm. I am fortunate and grateful to have discovered LingQ and recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in foreign languages!

  - Chris, New Zealand

I'm sure you get a thousand of these a day but I would just like to say I really appreciate your knowledge and passion for languages. LingQ is absolutely brilliant and is something I feel that is extremely unique. You are truly doing something amazing for all language learners. Thank you for your time, and once again thank you for all that you have done for the language learning community.

Here is how I use LingQ. I first download various audio clips then proceed to save the text that came along with the audio. I print out the text and add the audio to an mp3 player and that way I have the LingQ system everywhere I go! People ask me all the time how I could possibly study a language without school and all I need to do is pull out the text and mp3 and give them a little demonstration. I tell people that you will pick words and phrases without meaning to just by simply listening and reading the text a view times. It is truly an amazing thing when you are learning effortlessly and efficiently at the same time. I encourage people to try LingQ due to the effectiveness and that the man behind the scenes is truly original and absolutely passionate about proper language learning. Simply follow the basic instructions on LingQ and you will be learning in no time.

I'll never stop using LingQ haha!

  - Robbie Thuyns, Arizona

Hi, I’m Frances from the Philippines. I have just signed up for LingQ to learn French language. Thanks for creating this site. It will really help a lot of those who intend to learn new foreign languages. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

  - Frances, The Phillipines

Just for fun of it, the ther day at the bookstore I picked up a study book for the French
proficiency test here in Japan. I was able to answer most of the questions without any study of grammar at all. I have only been studying here at LingQ

  - Val, Japan

...if LingQ had been around when I first started learning, I think I would have been a lot further ahead than where I am now. However, I can’t complain because now I have discovered it I feel as though I will learn a lot more with greater speed and efficiency...

  - Lily from "In Love With Lisbon"

Hi Jill, Steve and Mark! I like Your podcasts very much and I really enjoy to listen them. It's funny, You're laughing and it isn't boring at all. So, thank you for that!:)

   - Katrin, Estonia

Just wanted to give you a short feedback on your podcast that I have been listening this morning at 6 am whilst walking with my dog in a dark, swiss forest!! I loved it!! And I went straight back to start exercising on my English (with Anne of green gables, nice). I will upgrade as soon as I have enough time - I really want to improve my English and your way is just great - thanks a lot. Merry Christmas and from the most possible the best for 2008 (sounds weird in English; in German: vom Moglichen das Beste!)

   - Annelise, Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland

Thank you for the very excellent article on organizing a presentation. I have been using LingQ for several weeks now and am very happy with the progress I am making. This kind of progress has eluded me in the past. I now have LingQ on my browser tool bar and include it in my morning routine at the same time slot as I read my email and news sources. I have recommended your program to a number of people. I also enjoy your blogs each day which help to keep me motivated. I told my son the other day that Steve Kaufman is my new guru. Thanks very much.

   - Jeanne Sloane, Petaluma, California

I took a few years of French at high-school, which of course did not take me anywhere. Despite getting a ‘B’ in GCSE, I could not even conduct a basic conversation in French. I had not touched the language for almost 15 years, until the summer of 2006, when I decided to pick it up again. It was tough for me because there were not many Francophones in my area, and that I could only spend a portion of my spare-time learning. I joined LingQ in the summer of 2007, and I found significant improvement after only a few months, especially in my reading and listening.

Last weekend, I went to visit Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City, the first time since I started to pick up French again. I was amazed that I could understand a lot of conversations spoken around me. I was also very happy to find myself being able to exchange a few lines with the Francophones over there. What I found most astonishing was that I did not achieve this by memorising the lines from some phrase books, but the conversations came out quite naturally from my mouth.

   - Edwin, Toronto, Canada

I'm new to LingQ. I've never used the previous Linguist system. A few day ago, I signed in LingQ as a trial member and tried some contents. It was very fun to listen and read the contents, especially the friendly chat recordings with Steve, Mark and Jill. In these days, I listened and read many contents in the store many times! LingQ works well for me. I decided to be a part of the Linguist family. I cannot wait to join the new forum on LingQ.

   - Nobuo, Japan

Hello,I’m Seghir from Algeria ; I’ve learned English at school for 11 years but I haven’t made big progress but now with LingQ it is totally different, I used the system for only three months and I can understand write and even speak English much better. LingQ’s methods are very efficient so thank you very much Steve, Jill, Mark and all the tutors
and also Henry because now I’m learning French and I really like the new French podcasts good luck and keep up the good work.

  - Seghir, Algeria

A few days ago a friend of mine told me she is learning Spanish. The first idea to come to my mind was if I could find any audio books to learn the language too. So i found one and after 8 hours of listening I already had some basic understanding of the Spanish language structure. (A very very useful audio book to start learning Spanish with, by Michele Thomas, he shows the structure of the language, and not just some common phrases as usually such "teachers" do). The next day I spent a couple of hours trying various language learning software, when I came to lingq.com. I've now spent some 30 hours here in total and I can already read wikipedia, news and other articles in Spanish almost without any use of dictionary (well, I look up about 1 word in 50 when reading articles I import to LingQ's workdesk). I find LingQ very handy, it really saves tons of time and makes me feel more confident knowing I have everything I need to learn (i.e. articles I have read/plan to read, vocabulary, dictionary, flashcards, etc.) at hand.

I just wanted to write a thank you letter to the LingQ team :-) Great idea and great job you guys made! Keep going ;-)

  - Tomas, Lithuania

I was a programmer for 20+ years in my previous life and really appreciate well designed software.

   - Nancy Christian

I just wanted to say I love this program. I think that if you found a way to develope it in the way that Rosetta Stone is commercially sold, you would really have something amazing. I'm also learning Russian, and I wanted to tell you that I would really love to see you "explain your website" in Russian. Спасибо. Пока!

   - Kennick Hensley, Ohio, USA

What a wonderful job all you have done regarding the Lingq design. Today, I spent more than 3 hours at the LingQ updating my flashcards(hint/phrases) and was great! The time just went by so fast. It was easy, fast, enjoyable. Everything was at the reach of my hand. No question, "The best language learning system ever". And I can tell you that I have spent a considerable amount of time searching the Internet, trying to get a look at what is going on regarding to online language learning systems. Congratulations!

   - Humberto, London, Canada